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AquaPlay Land and Super Set Special

SKU: 1032834
A portable canal system in a box? Go with the flow! Aqua Box is overflowing with fun things to do, thanks to its many components: 1 canal piece, 2 fasteners, 3 locks, 1 crane with bucket, 1 water pump, 1 car, 1 boat, 1 ramp, and 1 water wheel. There are as many ways and places to play and learn as there are fish in the sea—and it packs tidily and easily in its own box to make it easy to take to play dates or grandmother’s house! Approx. 35"L x 20"W x 9"H.

Add the Super Set to add more fun and fascinating ways to discover how water moves, lifts, and climbs. This versatile set includes 7 canal pieces, 1 water wheel, 3 water locks, 1 ramp piece, 1 water pump, 1 crane with 2 buckets, 1 boat, 1 car, and 7 fasteners—and combines easily with other AquaPlay sets! Approx. 43" x 45" x 8¾".

The AquaPlay Mega Bridge will keep the kids busy for hours! Add the Mega Bridge AquaPlay (that combines seamlessly) to keep the fun flowing! Combines seamlessly with other Aqua Play kits to add 8 canal pieces, 8 fasteners, a water wheel, water pump, water gate, 3 locks, crane with bucket, 3 ramp pieces, a curved bridge and a straight bridge, a boat, car, and sailor figure. A fun way to discover how water can move, lift, and climb! Approx. 41¼" x 49¼".

These water learn-and-play sets were developed in Sweden. Made of recyclable, nontoxic plastic, the modular waterway components add a whole new dimension to imaginative play-a favorite is turning a water paddle to create a current that moves a boat. All sets attach seamlessly to one another!

For ages 3 and up.
Aqua Box: Approx. 35"L x 20"W x 9"H
Super Set: Approx. 43" x 45" x 8¾"
Mega Bridge Set: Approx. 41¼" x 49¼"
SKU 1032834
More Details • Add the Mega Bridge AquaPlay for even more fun!
• All sets connect to one another seamlessly

  • Aqua Box

Aqua Box


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  • AquaPlay® Super Set

AquaPlay® Super Set


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  • AquaPlay® Special

AquaPlay® Special


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