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Keyhole Garden

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African keyhole gardening is delightfully brilliant in its simplicity and efficiency; walk into the central “keyhole” and you can reach anywhere around this family-size garden. The U-shaped raised bed eliminates bending over, and it’s perfect for allowing young ones to help with weeding and tending. Add alternating layers of brown and green matter (newspapers, cardboard, vegetable scraps, etc.) to the central composting center; the carbon, nitrogen, and air this creates will leach into (and enrich) all the soil in the garden. It is just so fun! Approx. 72" x 72" x 22". Fun for the whole family; adult assembly required.

Fun for the whole family.
Dimensions: Approx. 72" x 72" x 22"
SKU 731498
Made in Imported
Product Type Outdoor
More Details • Innovative raised-bed gardening is perfect for kids
• Educational African keyhole gardening concept
• U-shaped raised bed allows kids to access every part of it easily
• Central composting center fertilizes entire garden
• Adult assembly required

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