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Night Riderz 100-Ft. Zipline Kit

SKU: 1025226
Add extra zip to outdoor play—zip at night! This cool zipline kit's super-bright lights illuminate a 100'-long zipline—and a doubly exciting after-dark zipline experience. Vibrant LEDs line the seat, adding color and light to the excitement (day or night!). (LED seat fits all our Slackers zipline kits, and is also sold separately.) Adult assembly required. For ages 7 and up; holds up to 150 lbs.

Add extra security with the Slackers™ Bungee Brake Kit, including a 15 foot shock-absorbent cord, hard plastic block slides for a slow stop every ride, and two u-clamps for securely tightened anchors. Relax, and enjoy watching your child’s extra-safe nighttime adventures in the backyard!

For ages 8 and up
SKU 1025226
More Details • Go ziplining at night
• 100'-long zipline is illuminated by super-bright lights
• Colorful LEDs illuminate the zipline seat
• LED seat fits all our Slackers zipline kits
• LED seat also sold separately
• Holds up to 150 lbs.
• Adult assembly required

  • Night Riderz Zipline

Night Riderz Zipline


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  • Night Riderz LED-Lit Zipline Seat

Night Riderz LED-Lit Zipline Seat


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  • Slackers Bungee Brake Kit

Slackers Bungee Brake Kit


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