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Sea-Saw Rocking Boat

SKU: 412
This durable, heavy-duty vinyl seesawing boat has handles for kids to hang onto as they make this cruise craft rock and roll. And the more the boat rocks, the more imaginations roll out exciting pretend adventures.

Our dual-action Instant Air Electric Pump takes all the work out of inflating and deflating inflatables.

For ages 5 and up, up to 200 lbs., with adult supervision.
Dimensions: Boat measures approx. 90" x 57" x 36"
SKU 412
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Sea-Saw Rocking Boat

• heavy-duty vinyl seesawing boat
• Boat measures approx. 90" x 57" x 36"
• handles for kids to grasp for safety
• Inflate with our dual-action Electric Pump (729870; additional)

Electric Pump

• Saves time and energy
• Versatile accessory you'll use again and again
• Inflates and deflates
• Just plug in to a household 120V outlet

  • Sea-Saw Rocking Boat

Sea-Saw Rocking Boat


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  • Electric Pump

Electric Pump


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