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Set of Six Play Panels

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Designed to create additional interactive game-playing options for our SunRise Climbing Dome, our Five Play Panels attach to the Dome's structural triangles with Velcro® straps. Place the panels in any order or arrangement around the Dome. Let your imagination be your guide! There are limitless ways to use the different panels for interactive play. The more you use them, the more different ways you will think up to use them to inspire different games and adventures:

The panel with the large round opening at its center makes a great target—or can be used as part of a fort! It makes a great peephole—you can even stick a telescope through it. Pretend two panels make a wall: have them frame an empty triangle to use for a door.

It's also fun to group the panels together at the top of the dome to create a shady, cozy place to play. (Each measures 23½"L x 24¼"W.)

For ages 4 and up.
SKU 731942
Made in Imported
Product Type Outdoor
More Details • Designed to fit our SunRise Climbing Dome
• Set of five triangular panels
• Each fits within one of the Dome's structural triangles
• Limitless ways to use them for interactive play
• Use for a target, or to build a "fort"
• Group them together at the Dome's top to create a shady, cozy place to play

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